National Conference of SIMON
Save Kidney Save Life

Venue Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal

Starting Date : 2016-03-11


 behalf of the organizing committee, it gives us an immense pleasure to welcome you all to Chitwan for “National conference of Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal”. The aim of this conference is to provide continuing medical education to its members for professional development and assisting in improving the quality of health services to the public.

This year’s theme is Save kidneys, Save life. We will have a separate session on kidney diseases focusing mainly on AKI, CKD and prevention of kidney diseases. Experts from various fields abroad and home will assemble in the event. Please mark 11th and 12th March 2015 (28-29 Falgun 2072) on your calendar not to miss this grand event. Academic activities like plenary sessions, guest lectures, free papers and poster presentations are scheduled on these dates. The conference will also be unique as it will offer an opportunity to learn from the experts in different fields and will create an environment to interact and build new relationships with the colleagues across the regions. As per our continued effort to promote junior members, DM residents will be encouraged to participate in free paper and poster presentation sessions. We humbly request all the participants to interact and participate in discussions to share their ideas, experiences and knowledge for an outstanding scientific meet.

Bharatpur, district headquarter of Chitwan, is a city in the central-southern part of Nepal. It is around 150 km drive from Kathmandu. It can be reached by air. It is an emerging medical hub of Central Nepal. This conference will assist the further growth of the city in medical and academic fields. You will be able to retreat from your busy schedule and enjoy the wildlife safari in Chitwan National Park, one of the finest wildlife reserves in Asia, located in the plains of Terai, Nepal. The park with a total area of 932km2 is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The weather in Chitwan during March will be comfortable (max. 25-28oC and min. 8-10oC)

We hope you will find the conference intriguing as well as comprehensive. We will make sure that your stay in Chitwan is comfortable & memorable. Happy conferencing.


Please register yourself at the earliest date to benefit from early registration charges. Tariffs for the registration are given below. As in the last conference there will be an online registration.

Conference Registrations 

Till 5th March 2016

From 6th March 2016 onwards

SIMON members and Residents*



Non Members



SIMON members with spouse



Non members with spouse



Last registration date with normal charge is 5th March 2016 (22nd Falgun 2072). For details regarding registration please contact members of registration committee.

Note: Registration fee doesn’t include accommodation. *Bonafide Certificate required


Dr. Shyam Raj Regmi (Chairperson)
Dr. Ram Bahadur Gurung
Dr. Robin Maskey (Eastern)
Dr. Manil Ratna Bajracharya
Dr. Shatdal Chaudhary (Mid western)
Dr. Abhishek Maskey (Mid western)
Dr. Rajeeb Kumar Deo
Dr. Srijana Pradhananga
Dr. Sher Bahadur Kamar (Far western)