About Simon

Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal ( SIMON ) was established in 2051 BS (1994 AD) with the noble cause of safeguarding and promoting the professional rights of the Nepalese doctors holding postgraduate degrees in Internal Medicine, furthering their professional knowledge, skills and competence, along with providing the highest quality medical services to the Nepalese people.

Remaining within the confines of the prevailing laws of Nepal, the objectives of this society will be the following:

  1. To take necessary steps to solve different health problems seen in the present world.
  2. To run necessary programmes to defend the rights and interests of the doctors holding MD Internal Medicine degree, and to further their professional competence.
  3. To conduct creative activities to provide the highest quality health services to Nepalese people.
  4. To focus specially in protection and promotion of professional rights and interests of the members of this Society and to create environment conducive to interaction and exchange of experiences between them.
  5. To provide appropriate suggestions to solve different health related problems occurring from time to time in Nepal.
  6. To provide and to acquire necessary help to control environmental pollution.
  7. To execute the aforementioned objectives, develop conducive environment and publish health related education materials.
  8. To establish the relation of fraternity between different National and International Medical Societies and to interact with them and exchange experiences relating to different health issues.
  9. To attain the aforementioned objectives, make arrangements for necessary training, studies and research, CMEs, symposium and conferences.
  10. To conduct and help to conduct other activities in keeping with the aforementioned objectives of the society.