Message from President

Dear Members of SIMON and future members,

Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal (SIMON) has been in action for more than two decades serving Internal Medicine community in Nepal. Over the years various executive bodies have paved their ways to the current status of SIMON.

The current executive members of SIMON have redesigned the working structure of the organisation in term of academics. We have emphasized on the continuation of medical education with our monthly academic sessions organised throughout the year. The members outside the capital can now access monthly programs through distant live cast of our programs that are held in Kathmandu. These monthly CMEs will be available to all our members through our website. The programs will be gradually updated to the website.

We are continuously updating the digital database of our members. The monthly and yearly activities held by SIMON is now done through our website. Do take time to go through it and update your status. SIMON is currently organising national conference outside the Kathmandu Valley and International Conference

In an attempt to make a paper free organisation, we have started dealing all the organizational works and certification through emails and our website. Our application and registration is now available to new and current members through our online submission process.

SIMON will always make a way to innovations


Dr. Dhiraj N Manandhar